American Mime: A New Kind Of Mime

American Mime is a medium for silent actors who play symbolic activities in characterization and express the feelings and desire of their characters honestly through a kind of motivational movement we call form.

American Mime: A Medium Created by Paul J. Curtis
62nd Anniversary

American Mime is a unique indigenous performing art that blends, in a new balance, the arts of acting, moving, pantomime, playwriting and design. It is a complete theatre medium defined by its own aesthetic laws, terminology, techniques, script material and teaching methods, in which non-speaking actors, in characterization, perform the symbolic activities of American Mime plays through movement that is both telling and beautiful.

The American Mime Theatre is a professional performing company and training school. It was founded in 1952 and has performed its services continuously since then under the direction of Paul J. Curtis, who created the art form.

American Mime, Inc., is a not-for-profit tax exempt Public Foundation incorporated in 1970 to promote the medium, American Mime internationally.

Friends of American Mime are people who have been moved by this medium and who contribute their time, skills, and money to achieve the further recognition of American Mime.

What is Mime?  What is Pantomime?  What is American Mime?
Paul J. Curtis, in an interview, answers the questions.

New York State Council on the Arts
The Capezio Foundation, Chemical Bank, ConEdison, NY The Rockefeller Foundation, ABC, Inc. , New York Foundation for the Arts, CBS, Inc., Citibank, Mobil Foundation, Inc., The New York Times Company Foundation, Inc. National Endowment for the Arts and
Friends of American Mime

The Company
Suzanne Temple, Mario Brufau, Veronica Nolte, John Kish, Carissa Toro,
Eric Paterniani, Simona Popescu
Photography N. Ehrmann

Do see this Company; it isn’t often you will get such a gift.
— Village Voice

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